Kevin Nadro
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Hello, I'm Kevin Nadro.

I'm a full stack developer working at a start-up called Reconstruct. I write open source web and command line applications.

I have been programming since 2012 and graduated from University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign with a BS in Computer Science. Currently based in Chicago, IL.

If I am not coding I am bouldering or sport climbing.

Open source contributions on GitHub

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Why did I create this blog?

I wanted to contribute to the open source community in addition to having a place to share my thoughts and work.

The content I will be creating.

I will be releasing articles about random code I write, projects that I am working on, tutorials with real world examples, and personal pieces on hobbies of mine.


I came across Tania Rascia's website and thought it was great. I wanted to create something similar.

I will be following two of her policies that I think will make the internet a heathly place.

I aim to create a beautiful corner of the web free of ads, sponsored posts, newsletter pop-ups, affiliate links, and the rest of the annoying noise we're so accustomed to seeing on the internet these days.

—Tania Rascia,

The following things will be ignored: requests to put ads on my website, requests to write sponsored posts for my website, requests to add affiliate links to my website.

—Tania Rascia,

Note: You may see links to companies websites, product links, or links to things I own. These will never be ads, sponsors, or affiliate links. They are for the purpose of providing you more information about what was talked about in a post not you sell you on it.